What Leonardo DiCaprio Was Doing The Past 22 Years That He Didn’t Win An Oscar

Somehow the man known as Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is 41 years old. I first became introduced to this beautiful man in Titanic and I assume this is the case for most of you. I also assume that you are in love with Leo too and are just itching for him to win his first Oscar.


This guy first went to the Oscars in 1994. That was 22 YEARS AGO. Twenty two years. HOW has this man not won an Oscar in 22 years?

Before Sunday’s big event where Leo will *hopefully* win an Oscar, let’s look back at 22 years of Leonardo Dicaprio not winning an Oscar.


Leo is nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Look at this young faced lad.

66th Annual Academy Awards

Not even the slightest clue of the misery he will face in his later years of not being awarded an Oscar. Obviously Leo did not win in his first year, but what is to come is much worse…


Leo does not get nominated for Romeo & Juliet.



Leo does not get nominated for Titanic. HOW?

giphy (45)


Leo didn’t get nominated for Gangs of New York OR Catch Me If You Can. Again, I don’t understand.

giphy (46)


We finally get a nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in The Aviator. No win, but Leo has bloomed into a beautiful man. Hi. We’ll just pretend homegirl beside him isn’t there.

leo gisele 07oct11 13

We are also upset and do not understand the last 11 years.



Leo doesn’t get nominated for The Departed. But it DID win Best Picture. And Mark Wahlberg was nominated. So there’s that.

giphy (47)


We have a nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in Blood Diamond and again, no win. Help.



Leo does not get nominated for Revolutionary Road.

giphy (48)


Leo does not get nominated for Shutter Island or Inception, although getting incepted was all people talked about for like 12 months.

giphy (51)


Leo does not get nominated for Django Unchained.

giphy (52)


Leo does not get nominated for The Great Gatsby, but his clothes win so thats good.

giphy (53)


Leo is nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for The Wolf Of Wall Street. I’m thinking he did not win because the movie was long as ever and the nomination committee probably didn’t get to the end? But honestly, this face..



Leo is again nominated for an Oscar. He is nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for The Revenant. Will this be the year? CAN THIS PLEASE BE THE YEAR? IT HAS BEEN 22 LONG YEARS. I’m not sure if I can take much more time living on this earth with Leo not having an Oscar which he rightfully deserves.

This is how Leo should leave the Oscars on Sunday. Please make it happen Academy Awards people:


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