25 Struggles Of Going Out On A Weekend Night

1. Deciding whether you ACTUALLY want to go out or not. Are you going to bail? You’re totally going to bail.


2. Trying to get everyone on the same page about what bar you’re going to. “You want to go there? I don’t want to go there. Let’s go here,” said everyone.


3. Expensive Ubers. 

the f*ck?!?!?!?
the f*ck?!?!?!?

4. Finding out the bar you’re going to has a cover charge while on your way there.


5. Waiting in line to get into a bar or club. You’ve already paid for the Uber. You can’t go home now. You are totally better than this line though. Just keep telling yourself that.


6. Walking into a bar to find that you are totally underdressed or overdressed for the occasion.


7. Trying to get a bartender to take your order at a crowded bar. Should I show some boob? No? Yes? No?


8. Not being able to hear what someone is saying to you because the music is too loud.


9. Waiting in line for the bathroom when you have to go reaaallllllly bad.


10. Not knowing when to end a conversation with someone.


11. Holding your jacket because there’s no coat check.


12. When someone insists on buying you a shot when you really don’t want a shot.


13. When someone actually buys you that shot and you do NOT want that shot.


14. When you feel like everyone around you is 21.


15. Not knowing what members of the opposite sex to talk to because they could be 5-6+ years younger than you.


16. Seeing people you know. I come to bars to hang out with my friends and strangers. No one in between. Seriously.


17. When you’re not drunk enough to dance, but everyone else is dancing. I guess I’ll just stand here and, uhh, sway my hips?

giphy (21)

18. Debating whether or not you should leave the bar early so you can get a cab home.


19. Figuring out how to ghost from the bar without saying bye to everyone.


20. Trying to get a cab home from home the bar no matter when you leave.


21. Trying to find your Uber amongst a sea of other Ubers.


22. Arriving to the pizza place to find out IT IS CLOSED.


23. When you want food, but no one you’re with wants food, so you have to go home hungry.


24. Getting home after a night out to find no food in your apartment.


25. Throwing up. This can also be seen as a positive because hashtag weight loss.


Samantha Matt

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