All The Questions PLL Has To Answer Now That They Answered Some Of The Questions

For the past five years I have spent 88% of my time trying to figure out who A is. This has literally been the entirety of my post-college career. I’m not exactly sure how to adult without Pretty Little Liars, but I am pretty sure that the fact I just admitted that is pretty pathetic.

Over the past five years I have published a decent amount of PLL recaps and have created other fun articles about the show that you guys have totally eaten up and therefore made all of us realize that it is totally acceptable for people in their mid-to-late twenties to watch Pretty Little Liars because EVERYONE IS DOING IT. We can also only hope that everyone ISN’T doing it when it comes to teens, because if we’re being serious here, PLL is the definition of risqué and we probably should not show society condoning statutory relationships to teenagers because … well … we just shouldn’t. But we do because things like PLL exist, which is fine I guess because even though I now know who A is (and am totally not impressed btw), I STILL FUCKING LOVE IT AND PROBABLY ALWAYS WILL.

But I’m still really angry because … her? I wanted to cry because Ezra or Caleb betrayed me or something. And then I wanted to go back and re-watch the series and be like OMG HOW DIDN’T I PICK UP ON THAT?! But now I don’t want to do that because I have no feels towards CeCe because she was always an evil bitch, and now she’s even more of an evil bitch. Not surprised. Am I supposed to sympathize with her because she’s transgender or something? Because I don’t. She blew up Toby’s house and drove through Emily’s house.  Yeahhh, no thanks.

ANYWAY, as you all know now, PLL is coming back in the winter for another season and a half but will take place FIVE YEARS IN THE FUTURE.


Finally the girls will be acting as characters that are only 5 years younger than them IRL instead of 10 years. The winter premiere will hopefully get us up to speed on this “new mystery” in Rosewood that was presented at the end of this season finale, buttttttt hopefully it will answer a bunch of our pressing questions that WE DIDN’T GET ANSWERS TO EVEN THOUGH IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE SUMMER OF ANSWERS.

Here are 21 questions we have! Do you have any of your own? Leave them in the comments. Then, I’ll screenshot them and send them to I. Marlene King and ask her to answer them in a causal guest post.

Or not.

But maybe.

Here you go:

1. Why and how was Sara Harvey involved with CeCe? How did they meet? What did she have against Alison? WE NEED ANSWERS. You can’t just skip ahead 5 years with no answers.

2. How did CeCe have enough money and KNOWLEDGE to make that futuristic shit happen? A hologram? I was all like where Tupac at when the screen appeared.

3. She managed to run and set up all the equipment with the help of Sara fucking Harvey?

4. So, like, maybe they didn’t fuck, but CeCe still dated her brother??? Can you say GROSS?!

5. Actually, CeCe dated a lot of people. Did she have a vagine at this point?

6. Gender reassignment surgery is expensive, and CeCe looks more fab than Caitlyn Jenner, who is literally rich as fuck. WHERE DID ALL OF HER MONEY COME FROM? And if it came from Jessica, how did she keep that a secret?

7. Isn’t CeCe Jason’s age? If Jason is a spawn of Spencer’s dad, is CeCe (or Charlotte or Charles) a spawn of Spencer’s dad as well? Or another dad?

8. Speaking of dads… WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MOMS??? Did they ever get out of the basement?

9. How did they stop that bomb from going off in Radley? Did Sara Harvey just let them go to town on the wires? Because I wouldn’t know where the fuck to start.

10. How does CeCe think she was/is normal and never belonged in Radley when she 1. drove a car through Emily’s house, 2. BLEW UP TOBY’S HOUSE, 3. KIDNAPPED THE GIRLS FOR MONTHS AND PUT TRACKERS INSIDE THEIR NECKS, the list goes on.

11. The fuck is the NAT club and why was it at all relevant?

12. Why did Melissa think/know Spencer wasn’t safe? Did she witness CeCe’s PePe or something?

13. Wasn’t it in bad taste to make a MENTAL PATIENT TRANSGENDER on a popular show for teens and millennials during THE SAME TIME we are all learning what it means to be transgender? I don’t think Caitlyn Jenner wants to be in the same club as MOTHER FUCKING A.

14. Why did all of the girls leave for college at the same time?

15. When did they get into these colleges? It was PROM when CeCe was revealed as A… That’s the beginning of summer. They should have been prepping for these plans like 7 months prior.

16.Why didn’t they cry when they left each other? AND WHERE WERE THERE PARENTS? Was Emily really driving across the country to college by herself? Yeah, no.

17. Why is Spencer dressed as Carmen San Diego in the time jump?

18. Who is this “he” who is after Ali in the time jump? Is it Mona after gender reassignment surgery because being transgender is so hot right now, or nah?

19. What even happened to CeCe? Did she go to jail? Did she get shot? Is she back at another nut house?



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  1. If CeCe is A, CeCe is Ali’s height, who was standing behind Spencer when she was watching Charles’ video? Because He/She was clearly taller than Spencer and Spencer is taller than Ali

  2. Okay – I’m confused about CeCe being Charles as well! But you know what I’m most curious about – the night Ali was “murdered.” They went into a little bit, but remember the video with Ali and Ian and Melissa and etc….? I did a recap on my site as well! Can’t wait for next season.


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