12 Questions the Revenge Series Finale Needs to Answer

1. How did Victoria really pull of her fake suicide? She supposedly lost all her friends on the inside and her financial resources.

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2. Is there more to Louise than just being a Victoria groupie? Did she really only meet Victoria for the first time in the nut house?

3. Where the hell has Charlotte been? Is her drug problem under control?

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4. Who is White Gold/Courtney Love? Has she been in on the revenging all along?

5. Will David Clarke die?

6. Do Emily/Amanda and Jack end up together?

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7. Will Emily/Amanda finally get full revenge against the Graysons?

8. Will Emily/Amanda be forced to leave the Hamptons?

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9. If David was also a Takeda-Revenge-camp graduate,how did it take him so long to escape Malcom Black?

10. Will Nolan and Ems stay BFF?

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11. Does Nolan still own NolCorp? Why is he never there?

12. Will Nolan find love? Will it be with a man or woman?

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RIP Revenge, we will miss you your red sharpie, witty one-liners and impeccable fashion. Double infinity forever.

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