15 Times HBO’s “Girls” Understood Your Life

1. When you literally had no idea what you wanted in life because the quarter life crisis is real. This is a constant problem.

giphy (13)

2. When you pretended to be fine with your life even though you weren’t (see above).

giphy (15)

3. When you tried to explain to your parents that you are NOT a f*ck up even though you were unemployed, drained your savings account, were drunk for a week straight, and/or ended up ridiculously hungover on Thanksgiving morning (sorry mom).


4. That time you were home alone, it was sunny out, and your favorite song came on Spotify AND YOU JUST WANTED TO DANCE.  Actually, this happens often. At least to me it does.

giphy (11)

5. When you stuck up for yourself to a dude, a she-devil, or a co-worker because #GIRLPOWER.

giphy (12)

6. When some random person told you about their start-up and you actually didn’t give a fuck, but you had to nod and pretend you did.

giphy (14)

7. When you were delusional about a “relationship.” 

giphy (16)

8. When you were hungover and had to exist. LIFE IS SO HARD.

giphy (17)

9. When you finally kissed FOMO goodbye and learned how to say “no” to things you didn’t want to do.


10. When someone asked you to hang out during the work week and you were busy. You’re always busy, duh.


11. When you started to hate on work because they expected you to show up all the time, even wanted to sleep and/or work out and/or drink. Can’t you just pick your own hours?


12. Whenever you talk about your weight. #TheRealest


13. When you Instagrammed food you cooked to show people how domestic and adult you were. Oh don’t lie, you know that’s why you did it.


14. When you told someone what you wanted in a relationship.


15. When you just did not understand men. And, le sigh, but you probably never will.

giphy (18)

Girls will literally never fail to understand your life. Before the next season premieres, be sure to catch up on season 4! The entire season is available now on Digital HD and you can purchase it from your preferred digital retailer.


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