10 Thoughts Every Woman Who Isn’t Trying To Get Pregnant Has When She Thinks She’s Pregnant

We’ve all been there. Whether you’re having regular sex or not OR whether you have a significant other not, you have most definitely been in a situation where you jump to the conclusion that you are pregnant because your period has been MIA and you feel fat. I mean, it’s so easy to do right? Here are 10 thoughts you might have after you decide you are pregnant when you are¬†most likely not.


1. I feel fat. I look fat. No,¬†I look disgusting. How am I bloated? I don’t even have my period. *Steps on scale* Holy shit, I gained 3 pounds. How could this have happened? There’s only one answer: I MUST BE PREGNANT. Help.

2. How much is an abortion?¬†Can I even afford an abortion? What about the abortion pill? I don’t really feel like having surgery. How does the¬†surgery even work? How does the PILL work? Do I have to take time off of work for this?¬†Have I even accrued enough time off yet to deal with this? ALSO, can I even get an abortion anymore?¬†Like, what’s the cut off? Am I too far along for an abortion? How far along could I possibly be? I DON’T EVEN KNOW.

3. Am I too old to get an abortion? Like, should I even be thinking like this? I’m in my mid-20s. My parents had me in their mid-20s. Am I supposed to have a baby at this age if the opportunity presents itself? I’M SO POOR THOUGH. I can’t even take care of myself. Like, this could have been avoided if Plan B wasn’t so god damn expensive. 50 dollars?!!? No thanks. I’ve got rent to pay and booze to drink. See, totally not ready for a child… I am a child.

4. My life is over. My youth is fleeting. I just want to drink. You can’t drink when you’re pregnant though. Oh my god, I can’t be pregnant. I would have to stay in instead of going out… ALL. THE. TIME. I would have to spend money on a baby instead of on myself. THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING.

5. Should I tell the father? That is, if you even know who the father is.

6. Should I tell my mom? The horror.

7.¬†What about my friends?¬†How would I tell them that I CAN’T DRINK FOR 9 MONTHS? How would I tell the world I’M HAVING A CHILD? Like, if I have to give birth to¬†this child, I couldn’t just disappear. I’d have to tell my friends, my co-workers, my social media family. Like, would¬†I have to announce this on Facebook? I wonder how many likes the status¬†would get. I like likes.

8. Also, how much is it going hurt to give birth? I have a high tolerance for pain (thanks Pure Barre), but I don’t think I’m ready for A HUMAN BEING TO COME SHOOTING OUT OF MY VAGINA. LIKE, WHO EVEN MADE THIS WHOLE PROCESS UP??? WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?

9. Wait – calm down, you¬†don’t even know if you’re¬†pregnant yet. You might just be fat.

10. Okay, I guess I’ll take the¬†test. *Takes test* Negative. How accurate is this shit though? I’m taking another. NEGATIVE AGAIN.¬†Guess I’m not preggers. I really wanted an excuse for my disgusting weight gain, though. Guess I’m just a giant fat ass. Whatever. I should probably look into using those condom things next time.

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