10 Horrible Hollywood Hairstyles (Inspired By Miley Cyrus)

Recently engaged Miley Cyrus is now publicly going through the punk phase she would have gone through in middle school if she had a normal childhood. A nose ring, bleach blonde hair that doesn’t match her skin, a spike-y necklace, and short locks that make her look like she’s going to beat up the nearest nerd in the cafeteria. I mean, really? A few months ago she got engaged and was talking about how mature she was. And now this? Sure she’s just being Miley, but can’t she be tamed? I would probably be freaking out if I got engaged at 19 too, but I wouldn’t pull a Britney and cut off my hair. You were a cover girl, Miley. WHAT IS THIS? A center for Justin Bieber lookalikes? It’s not attractive.

Miley is not alone, though. These 10 celebs once had horrendous hairdos too! Each of them have redeemed themselves as attractive and normal looking since, so there IS hope for Miley… Right?

10. Justin Timberlake: I wonder if Justin was so obsessed with eating ramen noodles on his tour bus every night while having phone sex with Britney that he decided to wear them on his head? I mean really. What wealthy person gets a hairdo that looks edible? What average person gets such a hairdo? It’s not normal.

9. Keri Russel: Around the time Keri Russel rose to fame on the hit show, Felicty, feminism was at it’s prime and angry females everywhere were demanding to be heard (Lillith Fair anyone?). Keri of course gave into this rebellious phase and chopped all her hair off. However, she was famous and people were not accepting of this change (including me). So there went Felicity’s ratings along with her career. Imagine if she invested in a straightener rather than this horrid haircut? Maybe Felicity would still be on today. I doubt it… but maybe Keri would have at least had a decent A-list career. She is pretty hot now…

8. Nicki Minaj: If you haven’t already heard, Nicki… I mean Roman… I mean I have no idea… is a freak. And she owns it. Usually her wild hair and crazy wigs are okay because they define her – kind of like Snooki and her poof. But this dress-matching afro wig is far too out of control – nevermind the fact that she’s sporting blue steel (or is that magnum?). YOU’RE NOT ZOOLANDER. You are Nicki Minaj.

7. Scarlett Johansson: Stop trying to make mullets happen again. They’re not going to happen! Mulletts went out with the mid 90s, so there is NO reason Scarlett should have been rocking one in 2003, but she was. And it was horrifying.

6. Christina Aguilera: Every hairstyle Christina experimented with while she was a teen pop star sensation could make this list. She went through a severe identity crisis and decided to rock corn rows and braids for a bit. She also decided to not shower for a few days and work the greasy hair look too (with stripey black streaks). But the best look yet was her Lady Marmalade look – A tricked out afro with corn rows at the top. And because of this hairdo, everyone’s answer was noI will not sleep with you tonight.

5. Alanis Morissette: Crimped hair was not a good look for anyone… especially Alanis. The look fit post-breakup Alanis and went along with her angry attitude though. And it also helped her land a role as an unattractive bi-sexual twentysomething on Sex and the City. So, despite the horror in the bush of hair below, it helped out her career. And to think – Joey Gladstone started all of this.

4. Kelly Osborne: Oh, Kelly, how you’ve turned your world around. I love you a lot now, but back then you were a disaster to say the least. Like, is this even you… or is it Jack? Because I can’t tell.

3. Amy Winehouse:  If you think Snooki’s hair is slightly out of control, think again. Amy’s beehive would crush Snooki’s poof any day. And if you think Lindsay’s drug habits were bad, look at pictures of Amy. At least Lindsay dabbled in rehab for a minutes. They tried to make Amy go and she said no (no, no). This, my friends, is what drugs, fame, and no rehab will do to you. RIP.

2. Rumer Willis: AHH. No words to describe this except AHH. This is probably one of the worst things I have ever seen. Hands. down. Even if my stepdad was Ashton Kutcher I wouldn’t put myself through this agony. Like, if you wanted to rebel, you could have at least gone down the slutty road Rumer. I mean, what’s with the sweater?

1. Britney Spears: Britney was going through a rough time in 2007 as we all know and chose to take out her frustrations on her hair. She was either going to go big… or go home. And she decided to go big… and not go home… for a while. Unfortunately, though, not everyone looks as good as Natalie Portman does bald, but we left Britney alone like the crying boy/girl in the youtube video told us to and eventually she came back to life. But for a while we got to look at this. And no, that’s not Eminem. It’s Britney, bitch.

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  1. You laughed my ass about miley and mr JT
    Tho, I think milley just had that time in life where she thinks she is so mature and she need to do something upnormal?! She is maybe get sick of being female.

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